• Description 
     Brake Pad 
    Front Axle
    Brake System: SUM
    Width: 129.9 mm
    Height: 49.5 mm
    Thickness: 17 mm

Brake Pad:D1060-F6494
Model Engine Chassis Type CYL year
INFINITI M30 Convertible  01/90 - 12/93 
INFINITI M30 Coupe  01/89 - 12/93 
NISSAN 300 ZX (Z31)   04/84 - 10/90 
NISSAN BLUEBIRD (T72, T12)  12/85 - 12/90 
NISSAN BLUEBIRD (U11)  04/84 - 01/88 
NISSAN BLUEBIRD Hatchback (T72, T12)  12/85 - 12/90 
NISSAN BLUEBIRD Station Wagon (WU11)  04/84 - 12/90 
NISSAN LAUREL (JC32)  01/85 - 12/89 
NISSAN PICK UP (720)  04/83 - 03/86 
NISSAN PICK UP (D21)  08/87 - 02/98 
NISSAN PRAIRIE (M10, NM10)  06/86 - 09/88 
NISSAN SERENA (C23M)  11/92 - / 
NISSAN SILVIA (S12)  04/84 - 09/88 
NISSAN VANETTE Box (C22)  10/86 - 12/95 
NISSAN VANETTE Bus (C22)  10/86 - 12/95 
NISSAN VANETTE CARGO Box (HC23)  01/95 - / 
NISSAN VANETTE CARGO Bus (HC23)  01/96 - / 


廠商 號碼 號碼 廠商 號碼 號碼
AISHIN AS-N111K ASN111K OE 41060-31E90 4106031E90
AK A-127K A127K OE 41060-31E90KE 4106031E90KE
AK AN-127K AN127K OE 41060-31E91 4106031E91
ATE 605881 605881 OE 41060-32E91 4106032E91
ATE 13.0460-5881.2 13046058812 OE 41060-13E92 4106013E92
BENDIX DB340 DB340 OE 41060-31E92 4106031E92
F.B.L AFP76 AFP76 OE 41060-37G93 4106037G93
FBK AF1025 AF1025 OE 41060-56L25 4106056L25
FMSI 7170-D265 7170D265 OE 41060-9C025 410609C025
FMSI D265 D265 OE 41060-9C026 410609C026
FMSI D265-7170 D2657170 OE 41060-D4690 41060D4690
HITACHI NDP-76 NDP76 OE 41060-D6090 41060D6090
ICER 140526 140526 OE 41060-V6791 41060V6791
LPR 05P264 05P264 OE 41060-V6794 41060V6794
MINTEX MDB1279 MDB1279 OE 41060-Y9601 41060Y9601
MINTYE MP-127J MP127J OE D1060-11P88 D106011P88
MINTYE MP-2127 MP2127 OE D1060-11P91 D106011P91
MK D1025 D1025 OE D1060-11P92 D106011P92
NBK PF-2095 PF2095 OE D1060-11P93 D106011P93
OE 06905294-0 069052940 OE D1060-32E91 D106032E91
OE 41060-01W26 4106001W26 OE D1060-D4690 D1060D4690
OE 41060-09W93 4106009W93 OE D1060-F6494 D1060F6494
OE 41060-09WX5 4106009WX5 OE D1060-V6794 D1060V6794
OE 41060-11P85 4106011P85 OE DA060-31E86 DA06031E86
OE 41060-13E85 4106013E85 OE DA060-32E93 DA06032E93
OE 41060-13E90 4106013E90 OE DA060-32E94 DA06032E94
OE 41060-13E91 4106013E91 SB SP1030 SP1030
OE 41060-16C90 4106016C90 SUMITOMO SN225 SN225
OE 41060-31E85 4106031E85 TACTI V9118N018 V9118N018
OE 41060-31E86 4106031E86 TOKAI MN-91 MN91
OE 41060-31E87 4106031E87 TOKIKO TN115 TN115
OE 41060-31E88 4106031E88 WVA 21099 21099
  • Recommends every 5,000 km check Brake System
    ensure the normal operation of the braking system
  • Front brakes recommendations within 3-5 km replacement, or partial wear occurs case
  • Rear brakes is recommended to replace within 5-7 km
  • Replace the Disc brake when follow situation happen:
  • 1.Sensor alarm;
  • 2.Friction materials thickness less than 3mm;
  • 3.Friction materials becomes contaminated with brake fluid;
  • 4.Uneven wear within a set;
  • Replace the brake rote when follow situation happen:
  • 1.Vibrate when braking;
  • 2.Car vehicle performance more than 60000Km and braking unstable;
  • 3.Disc brake thickness wear more than 2mm;